Rainy Day Friends Letter

To my favorite readers,

Okay, so all readers are my favorite. I can’t help it, I still think of myself as a reader as well. Which is why I’m so happy to tell you about RAINY DAY FRIENDS

I’ve always wanted to tell the story of a woman who thinks she has her life all figured out, only to realize she’s not even close, and in fact, it’s all about to come tumbling down around her. Oh how I love to torture my characters. 

But never fear, there’s still plenty of romance. In fact, there are TWO romances. Here’s the recipe: one woman deeply betrayed by love. Another seeking her due. Add in a sexy, reluctant hero and his nosy, interfering, loving family. Stir well. 

But sometimes the best thing in life is finding that one person who knows all your mistakes and weaknesses and still thinks you’re completely amazing, right? So dig in, I promise lots of emotion and adventure and humor to go along with the romance. And, as life tends to do, it all comes down to letting it go or living it.

So. Run don’t walk to preorder RAINY DAY FRIENDS

XOXO and happy reading!