The Heartbreaker Bay Series

Each book can be read as a stand alone!

“Friends” meets “Sex In The City” in San Francisco

Steamy couples, funny dialogue and most importantly: sexy heroes. The series is set in San Francisco, specifically the Cow Hollow district and one particular old, renovated building built around a courtyard and a 150 year old fountain. This fountain’s legend goes that it grants true love to a true heart. Most locals don’t believe, but it’s come true just enough times to make everyone wonder. The building is a mix of residential and businesses like an Irish pub, a pet shop, tattoo studio, coffee shop, etc, giving it a “small town” sense of community. Think Friends meets Sex In The City. Each book absolutely stand alone, but feel free to inhale the whole series!

Each of the books in this series stand on their own; you don’t have to read the entire series. Unless you want to. :)