Hot Winter Nights Letter

To my favorite readers! 

HOT WINTER NIGHTS (a standalone Heartbreaker Bay romance) is finally here! The deets: a hot sexy romance in which our sexy hero Lucas Knight wakes up with a woman in his bed and no memory of how that happened. What the heck? Did he miss the good stuff? Who is she? (hint: I’m not telling. )

When I was plotting this book, I knew I had a scrappy, feisty heroine who was well used to making her own way in the world. Molly Malone needed a man who could go toe to toe with her and yet let her fight her own battles.

Enter Lucas Knight. He’s been attracted to Molly since the day he met her. Two problems. One, she’s his partner’s sister, and two, he’s just been told by his boss he needs to watch over her without letting her know about it. Tricky enough, as Molly is smart as they come. Oh, and there’s one more thing — he’s not to sleep with her.

I do like to torture my characters! Hope you come along for the ride! (you can read the first chapter here).

Happy Reading,
Jill Shalvis