Nobody But You

The Cedar Ridge Series

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With sass, courage, and a whole lot of heart, one woman may get a second chance at living her best life…for the first time ever.

Sophie Marren spent her entire life trying to please everyone, from her distant father to her demanding husband, nearly losing herself in the process. But after discovering she’s the only person in her marriage to take their vows seriously, Sophie walks away with nothing except for the boat she got in the divorce settlement—hardly the ideal living arrangement for a woman who gets seasick in a bathtub. She knows she should sell it, move, and leave the whole mess behind her, but…

Sophie loves living in tiny Cedar Ridge, Colorado, and she’s not about to let anyone take that from her, too. Especially not the handsome, intense former soldier who keeps trying to kick her off the dock of his lakeside cabin. As much as she wants to tell Jacob Kincaid to stick it where the sun don’t shine, she senses he’s dealing with struggles of his own, and she can’t help being drawn in. But when secrets from her past resurface, will she be able to hold on to the life she’s so carefully built?


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Sophie Marren parked her ex-husband’s boat, tied it to the dock with knots she copied off a YouTube video on her phone, and flopped to her back on the fancy sundeck, trying to will away her seasickness.

And yes, she was well aware that parked wasn’t the correct boating term, but then again, neither was the word husband, at least not as it had pertained to her marriage.

She’d made vows and kept them, but her ex? Not so much…