My Kind Of Wonderful

The Cedar Ridge Series

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A heartwarming story about second chances, starting over, and living life without fear…
Bailey Moore is finally getting to live on her own terms. After a fierce battle with cancer, she’s ready to do all the things she never dared to before, like sail the Greek Islands and explore Europe’s castles. Her first new adventure brings her to Cedar Ridge, a ski lodge in the Colorado Rockies.

Bailey quickly discovers that following her No Regrets List won’t be easy. It doesn’t offer instructions for how to deal with a suffocating mother or an ex-fiancé who doesn’t want to let her go. Her list also doesn’t include falling for the lodge’s swoon-worthy head of ski patrol, Hud Kincaid, and his boisterous, kind-hearted family.

As much as she longs to travel the world, Bailey soon realizes it will be hard to leave the small town of Cedar Ridge and the people in it. And when her past comes calling, she’ll have to summon more courage than ever before to live the life she truly wants.

What people are saying

Completely romantic...Shalvis never disappoints, and the bit of humor alongside a hefty helping of sizzling seduction is always an added bonus. 4 1/2 stars!

— RT Book Reviews


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The wind whistled through the high Colorado rocky mountain peaks, stirring up a dusting of snow as light as the powdered sugar on the donut that Hudson Kincaid was stuffing into his face as he rode the ski lift.

Breakfast of champions, and in three minutes when he hit the top of Cedar Ridge, he’d have the adrenaline rush to go with it. As head of ski patrol, he’d already had his daily before-the-asscrack-of-dawn debriefing with his crew. They’d set up the fencing and ropes to keep skiers in the proper runs and safe. They’d checked all the sleds to make sure their equipment was in working order.

Now he had time for one quick run before they ran rescue drills for a few hours, and then he was on to a board meeting — aka fight with his siblings. One run, ten glorious minutes to himself, and he was going to make it Devil’s Face, the most challenging on the mountain.

Go big or go home. That was the Kincaid way.