Animal Magnetism

Chapter 1

“Legend says that if you take a moonlight dip, you’ll supposedly find your one true love,” Lilah said.

“Of course.” Brady nodded. “It’s always midnight. So, do you swim often?”

“Never at midnight.”

He couldn’t help it, he laughed.

With a slow shake of her head and a smile curving her mouth, she reached out and touched a finger to his curved lips. “You’re a cynic,” she chided.

It’d been a long time since someone had touched him, unexpected or otherwise. A very long time, and he wrapped his finger around her wrist to hold her to him, letting his eyes drift closed.

“For how big and tough you are,” she said very softly, “you have a kind mouth.”
He opened his eyes and met her gaze. “You should know it’s not kindness I’m feeling at the moment.”

“No?” A brow arched, and the light in her eyes spoke of amusement, along with a flash of heat. “What do you feel?”

Dangerous territory there. Nothing new for him. He did some of his best work in dangerous territory. “Guess.”

Still smiling, she leaned in so that their lips were nothing but a whisper apart. Even surrounded by a duck, two puppies, and a potbellied piglet, she still smelled amazing. He wanted to yank her in and smell her some more, but he held very still, absorbing her closeness, letting her take the lead.

When she spoke, every word had her lips ghosting against his, her breath all warm, chocolately goodness. “I’m more of a doer,” she whispered, and kissed him.

Lauren Layne