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So I have this odd soapy taste in my mouth which is annoying the heck out of me, and I went to the source of all truth to figure it out. The internet.

Anyway, Mr. Internet had two reasons for this weird phenom. One, I'm allergic to cilantro. Or two...

I'm being slowly poisoned.

I asked Alpha Man if there was anything he wanted to tell me. He said yes, he'd eaten the last of the Mint Milanos.

So probably I'm just allergic to cilantro...

Monday's musings...

So I was just sitting there writing when a HUGE spider ran right across my feet. Of course Frat Boy ran away faster than I did and the cat couldn't be bothered so I did the only thing I could.

I put a Tupperware over it and sent this text to Alpha Man:


To his credit he did come home and banish the spider. Not that he's ever going to let me live it down... Oh and that Tupperware? Dead to me.


People often ask my my favorite part of romance, and hands down, writing or reading, it’s a good, solid bromances. To me, there is nothing sexier than a close, solid (nonsexual) relationship between two guys to hit me right in the feels. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with sex, but that’s another article entirely. ☺ The fact is that I just can’t get enough of the love and affection that comes out of a solid emotional bond between male characters, especially if it makes me laugh and sigh in sheer delight.

Maybe this is why I love the Avengers so much, all of them. I mean you’ve got Stark and the big green guy. Bucky and Cap. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can’t deny their chemistry.

One of my all-time favorite bromances was on the TV show Friends. This was was a three-way between Ross, Chandler, and Joey, although I loved Chandler and Joey best. These two could finish each other’s sentences, share a cardboard box fort (by choice), a girlfriend (not by choice), and let’s not forget that they raised a chick and a duck together. Better than most marriages… ☺

And I’d be hugely remiss to not mention Dean and Sam and Castiel from Supernatural. But today we’re going to concentrate on Cas and Dean because their genuine love for each other never failed to make my heart roll over in my chest. It began when Castiel saved Dean from hell, literally. But watching Dean teach Cas how to be more human had me glued to the TV every single week. (Okay, that was a lie, I inhaled the first nine seasons on Netflix after my spine surgery over a period of two months.) These guys would do anything for each other, and have.

Oh! How could I have almost forgotten Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in The Fast And The Furious franchise? (It’s been a long day without my friend but I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again…) Don’t get me started, I’ll need tissues.

One of my most recent faves is Adam and Blake from The Voice. I love that show ridiculously and it has absolutely zero to do with the contestants, although I do enjoy the music very much. It’s all about Adam and Blake and their bickering back and forth over Adam’s silly hair-do of the week and Blake’s red solo cup. Can’t get enough.

So trust me when I promise you, there are plenty of bromances in the Heartbreaker Bay series, including Hot Winter Nights, which is out wide everywhere right this very minute. :)

Here’s some more of my faves: Sherlock and Watson (BBC version with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, of course!) Blake and Adam from The Voice Nick and Schmidt from New Girl Scott and Stonebridge from Strike Back The Avengers, all of them Turk and JD in Scrubs Spock and Kirk in Star Trek (no, really!) Sully and Mike from Monsters Woody and Buzz from Toy Story Cory and Shawn from Boy Meets World

Who’s your fave bromance pair?

It's here, it's here!!!

HOT WINTER NIGHTS HAS ARRIVED! Oh, sorry, did I yell that? :) What's it about? Well, our sexy hero wakes up with a woman in his bed and no memory of how that happened. Did he miss the good stuff? I'm not telling. Read first chapter here.

Need more? Ask and ye shall receive:

“I’d go on the naughty list if it’d make you smile at me like that.” She jerked around and found Lucas propping up the doorjamb, arms crossed, watching her. “What are you doing here?”

“We’ve got a date, remember?” he asked, voice low and sexy and … teasing.

If he only knew. She turned back to her computer and saved everything she’d found, all while incredible aware of the man watching her every move.

“What did you find?” he asked.

“Crazy Nick’s address. Maybe.”

He pushed off the wall and came over. Reaching out, he opened her laptop and leaned over her to read her screen.

She stilled. He had a hand flat on her desk on either side of hers. If she turned her head, her mouth would brush against his inner biceps, a fact that did something quivery to her belly. And how was it that he’d been working since before the crack of dawn and he still smelled disarmingly delicious?

Long before she could gather herself to push him away, he straightened and looked down at her. “What’s your plan?”

“To go check out the village.”

He nodded. “With me.”

Here was the thing. She knew it was smart, and she really had no intention of going without him. But it rankled that he felt like he had to remind her, like maybe he believed she would be stupid enough to sneak off and go it alone.

“Molly,” he said into her silence. “It’s my way on this, or I hand you over to Archer and Joe and let you all fight it out.”

She refused to be intimidated. “We have a damn deal and I don’t go back on my word so see that you don’t. You don’t tell them I’m on this case, and I don’t tell anyone we slept together.”

A muscle in his jaw ticked, which was fascinating. She’d never seen it do that until the other night. Clearly she was on his last nerve.

“We didn’t sleep together,” he finally said.

She just smiled. “You keep telling yourself that.”

He dropped his head and rubbed the back of his neck. “Look, I’d rather ‘fess up than have you in danger.”

“Okay,” she said agreeably. “So you’re going to tell them what happened the other night?”

“Nothing happened.”

“Uh huh. And you’re willing to bet your balls on that?”

He blew out a breath. “I really wish I knew what you have against my balls.”

She had to laugh. “For the record, I was working here at my desk, waiting for you. So you can stand down, soldier.”

He narrowed his eyes and searched hers as if looking for signs of deceit. “We’re doing this together,” she said and a thrum of adrenaline went through her at the thought of her first real case.

At least she told herself that was what her excitement stemmed from.

Hot Winter Nights

Quicklinks: Excerpt | Ordering Links | all about Heartbreaker Bay Series

I Love Lucy

So last week I was out on the patio in the sun, spreading out my printed pages for my manuscript because I accidentally wrote a few scenes out of order and needed to SEE it to get it in the right order … and naturally the winds kicked up. I wish you could have seen me running through the woods, yelling at my pages as they danced away from me in all directions. I’m missing page 69, which ironically is a rather … um, hot scene. So if anyone finds page 69, please send it back to its owner. Oh and regarding what’s on the page, I swear I can explain…p.s. DON'T FORGET HOT WINTER NIGHTS IS OUT TOMORROW!!!


Yesterday I went out to breakfast for lunch (my favorite thing to do) with Alpha Man. As we were leaving, I slowed and stared at the huge bowl of candy at the hostess area. I heard Alpha Man laugh beneath his breath and then, outside, this conversation took place. AM: Take a cold shower, honey.

Me: What are you talking about?

AM: You were staring at that guy...

Me: What guy?

AM: The one that looks like he'd fit right in on your Facebook page.

Me: There was a hot guy and I missed him?

AM: What were you looking at?

Me: The Kitkat bars in that bowl!

Alpha Man about busted a gut laughing. I'm still bummed I missed the hot guy. And how sad is it that my eyes honed in on the candy over said hot guy in the first place?????

Happy Hump Day

First of all, we've had a lot of men in trees here, working on fire prevention. It's been a lovely writing view for weeks. But I didn't feel right sharing a pic of them without permission, so instead I found one on the internet. :) I'm posting here rather than on Facebook so they can't ground me from my account for being inappropriate again. :twisted: Anyway, today's writing inspiration: Lucas from Hot Winter Nights... :)

You are welcome...

TV confessions

This is very important now. Serious stuff. Are you ready?

I need to know ... what's your Secret Must Watch TV? Go ahead, let it out. You'll feel better, and there's no TV shaming here. :) I'll even go first. I've been watching -- remember, no judging -- Bachelor In Paradise. I've been marathoning it and whenever anyone walks by, I hide it behind my manuscript. Not that I'm ashamed of it! Nope, I just am on a deadline, you see, and therefore no doing laundry or cooking. My family has stepped up to handle the house. And it would be a damn shame if they thought I was past the hump and no longer needed their help. :)

Now you?

Caption This

Here we have Satan-- er, Sadie, lording it over the dog's water bowl. And we have Yoda (aka Dumbass) wanting some water but unwilling to go within claw's reach. Satan will sit there until the dog is literally sobbing, begging her to move. She will then casually yawn and stretch and walk away, swinging her tail, head high...



Caption this and one of you will win my upcoming Hot Winter Nights!

Happy Hump Day

So today's happy hump day pic is also today's writing inspiration...



Cuz he is definitely going in my next book. What's your favorite hero lately, inquiring minds wanna know. Also, I'll draw three random commenters, who will win my upcoming Hot Winter Nights!

Ruh Roh

So there was an incident. Frat Boy did something he shouldn't have. He ate an entire bag of chips that he had to get into the cabinet to get at.

FullSizeRender 2

FullSizeRender 2

He is deeply sorry. Sorry he was caught. Caption this pic for a chance for an advanced reading copy of HOT WINTER NIGHTS!

Happy Hump Day

Working my way towards a 9/1 deadline, which basically means that I'm super duper stressed. But searching for today's writing inspiration was the most fun I've had all week... :)

This guy is going in my next book. Not the book I'm writing, because that book might go in the trash. I'm kidding! Mostly...

What do you all do when work stress, or any stress, gets you? My current solution is to rummage through the cereal shelf and eat my weight in Captain Crunch. You?

I Love Lucy

So ... I was working on the patio and suddenly realized I was being swarmed by bees. And let's just say I didn't realize this calmly. Or even kind of calmly.

I went screaming and running, including tossing my laptop and printed manuscript. My chair tipped over and it turns out there was a very good reason the bees were pissed off.

I was sitting on their house. Literally.



I'm still doing the bee dance, by the way...

Why dogs...?

I often get asked why I put animals in my romance novels. Especially dogs. They make great companions for one thing. They add fun and humor and undeniable heart. Plus they’re the ultimate confidant and then there’s the biggest reason – they give unconditional love. Here’s my Top Five reasons why dogs make great sidekicks. 1. Because when you’re on the mountain trail and you come across an angry mama bear and her baby cubs, your dog will run like hell. This will warn you to run like hell as well. Just be careful because if your dog is like my dog, he will throw you under the bus (or in this case bear) to get home before you do.

2. Because when all the cookies are gone you can totally blame your cookie loving dog. No one has to know that you ate all the cookies yourself. And your dog can give you dirty looks for blaming him but he can’t actually talk and dispute your story. Solid alibi.

3. Because if you’ve eaten in a way that disagrees with your stomach, there are never any worries. Your dog will always, ALWAYS, out stink you. And if he doesn’t, you can still point the finger at him. Again, he can’t talk and dispute your story.

4. Dogs are not just great sidekicks but they also make great a really great wingman. If you’re single, you can totally put your dog to work at charming the person you’re interested in. Just make sure that person likes dog drool and dog hair all over everything first.

5. There is never a need for a pillow or extra blanket because your dog will always be willing to get into bed with you and share body heat. Always. Just be forewarned. Being a great sidekick is not the same thing as a good bed partner. They have a habit of being a total bed hog.

Here's Gertie from RAINY DAY FRIENDS... :)

My baby...

So Oldest went backpacking at Half Dome in Yosemite. If you've ever had the chance to see Half Dome in person, then you know how amazing a place it is. I'm betting at the very least that you've seen pictures of the glorious peak in calendars and art galleries or online. Bet you haven't seen this picture. Oldest after an all day climb. She's the little dot on the cliff.


Here she is on the right with her friends. I look at this picture and can feel my womb clutch. That is my baby. On a cliff. On purpose.


I can't even climb a ladder without getting dizzy. Boggles the mind, doesn't it?