What's romantic?

The other day someone was asking if after a zillion years of being married if there's any romance left on the bones. My first instinct was to say ... maybe not much. We don't do the big gestures very often, but after thinking about it, I realize we never really did. We aren't big gesture people, it's always been about the little things. And I like it that way. But yesterday after a long day working on a book that's coming due, Alpha Man took me out to my favorite Japanese place, and after that, he made a quick stop at the bakery. He asked what I wanted and I said nothing because they never have what I do want, which is an old fashioned chocolate dipped donut. Two minutes later, he came out grinning from ear to ear.

"Don't tell me, " I said. "You got yourself a dozen."

And he handed me a fresh out of the oven and just dipped in chocolate old fashioned donut. It was warm and still dripping chocolate. I couldn't get it in my mouth fast enough. And when he tried to talk to me on the drive home, I held up a hand and told him I couldn't talk now, I was having a sexual experience all by myself with a donut.

So I guess romance isn't really dead, even after all these years. :)