Jill Shalvis talks trying out a new genre and her latest pop culture obsession

We were blessed with the opportunity to talk to Jill Shalvis about her new book, Lost and Found Sisters, as well as a little bit about her latest TV binge-watch.

Read on for a few answers from Jill Shalvis about her latest release, Lost and Found Sisters, which is available now wherever books are sold, in addition to a few fun bits about her reading and watching habits. Enjoy!

The difference between Women’s Fiction and the romance genre is subtle, but distinct. Romance is dedicated to the HEA (or at least an HFN) and romantic relationships take top priority. What attracted you to the slight change in genre?
I had more story to tell so this new format suited me perfectly for Lost and Found Sisters. There’s still the Shalvis heat and humor but besides that, there’s also a sister relationship, friends relationship, and not one but two love stories. 

Where did you come up with the idea for the shocking secret that kicks off Quinn’s adventure?
Well, you know, it’s hard to answer that question without giving the shocking secret away, lol. But I can tell you that this story was something I always wanted to tell. 

I’ve seen your books, especially this one, marketed as “beach reads.” What do you think makes the perfect beach read?
A beach read is fun, entertaining, and has a happy ending. At least in my humble opinion… 

If there was one thing readers could take away from Lost and Found Sisters, what would you most want them to have taken to heart after finishing the story?
That home isn’t a place, it’s wherever the people you let into your life are, and family is of the heart, not necessarily from blood.

Your website has the second book in the Wildsong series titled Rainy Day Friends. Any hints, details, and/or teases you want to share?
The second book is also set in Wildwood and takes place when two women who loved the same man and thought they were enemies find out that the bonds of sisterhood can be the strongest bond of all.

Just for fun:

What are your favorite go-to summer/beach reads?
Right now I’m reading the Shadowhunter books since I fell in love with the TV series.

Is there a genre or romance subgenere that you haven’t written in yet that you’d like to tackle someday?
At the moment I’m very happy in my genre but I should admit, I do have a desire to dip into the YA pool and beyond that, I want to write a series about witches. Someday.

What is your favorite genre to read?
I love romance, mystery, YA, thriller, fantasy, science fiction… the truth is that I’d read the back of a cereal box. 

I saw that you just finished marathoning Shadowhunters, what other shows are you planning to watch this summer to get caught up and ready for next season?
Oh so many! Stitchers, Timeless, Empire…

Who’s your favorite TV couple?
Dean and Cas from Supernatural. Or Beth and Randall from This Is Us. Or Alec and Magnus from Shadowhunters. Or Jane and Michael from Jane The Virgin (at least until this past season, sob!)

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