I’m writing away, working on last minute touches on The Lemon Sisters and thought you might want to see my writing view.


Of course what you missed seeing is how a teeny tiny baby spider somehow CRAWLED UP MY LEG AND ALMOST KILLED ME. How? By heart attack, of course. I leapt out of my beach chair, sent my laptop flying, screamed like a banshee, and all around provided some entertainment for the guy fishing on the next dock over. He laughed so hard (RUDE, sir!!!) that he nearly fell into the water.

But I digress. The spider is gone, but I have no yet recovered. It might take an entire box of Girl Scout cookies. Which I have because when they were on sale, I bought 20 boxes. Hey, it’s called supporting young entrepreneurship. :)

p.s. three random commenters will win the Shalvis backlist of their choice!

Jill Shalvis22 Comments