Hi, remember me?

I know, it’s been a minute since I blogged. I’d give you the all the long list of what has kept me busy, but it boils down to a little thing called Life. But the good news is that I’ve been saving all the I Love Lucy stories and some pretty great pics for you. For instance, a few days ago my laptop died. I called Apple, they walked me through all the possible fixes, but we couldn’t find a single one. So I bought a new one (Sob! I loved my old one! AND my credit card now hates me…) ANYWAY, I migrated all my info over from my external backup and guess what I did? I migrated the virus of my old laptop over to my brand spanking new laptop.

Yep. I’m a rocket scientist, alright. No, wait. That was my dad.



So after MUCH drama on my part (ate a whole loaf of Youngest’s amazing pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting, omg the BEST bread ever!!!), and a nap born of the exhaustion that came with all the drama, I called poor Apple again. This time they helped me fix the new laptop all up, and I might have offered my first born to the tech guy in gratitude. Let’s not bother Oldest with that information…

I have some fun stuff to tell you in the month ahead. So I hope you’ll come back! But before you go, can you say hi and tell me what you’re all reading? (p.s. it doesn’t even have to be my new book WRAPPED UP IN YOU, out now!)

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