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HOT WINTER NIGHTS HAS ARRIVED! Oh, sorry, did I yell that? :) What's it about? Well, our sexy hero wakes up with a woman in his bed and no memory of how that happened. Did he miss the good stuff? I'm not telling. Read first chapter here.

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“I’d go on the naughty list if it’d make you smile at me like that.” She jerked around and found Lucas propping up the doorjamb, arms crossed, watching her. “What are you doing here?”

“We’ve got a date, remember?” he asked, voice low and sexy and … teasing.

If he only knew. She turned back to her computer and saved everything she’d found, all while incredible aware of the man watching her every move.

“What did you find?” he asked.

“Crazy Nick’s address. Maybe.”

He pushed off the wall and came over. Reaching out, he opened her laptop and leaned over her to read her screen.

She stilled. He had a hand flat on her desk on either side of hers. If she turned her head, her mouth would brush against his inner biceps, a fact that did something quivery to her belly. And how was it that he’d been working since before the crack of dawn and he still smelled disarmingly delicious?

Long before she could gather herself to push him away, he straightened and looked down at her. “What’s your plan?”

“To go check out the village.”

He nodded. “With me.”

Here was the thing. She knew it was smart, and she really had no intention of going without him. But it rankled that he felt like he had to remind her, like maybe he believed she would be stupid enough to sneak off and go it alone.

“Molly,” he said into her silence. “It’s my way on this, or I hand you over to Archer and Joe and let you all fight it out.”

She refused to be intimidated. “We have a damn deal and I don’t go back on my word so see that you don’t. You don’t tell them I’m on this case, and I don’t tell anyone we slept together.”

A muscle in his jaw ticked, which was fascinating. She’d never seen it do that until the other night. Clearly she was on his last nerve.

“We didn’t sleep together,” he finally said.

She just smiled. “You keep telling yourself that.”

He dropped his head and rubbed the back of his neck. “Look, I’d rather ‘fess up than have you in danger.”

“Okay,” she said agreeably. “So you’re going to tell them what happened the other night?”

“Nothing happened.”

“Uh huh. And you’re willing to bet your balls on that?”

He blew out a breath. “I really wish I knew what you have against my balls.”

She had to laugh. “For the record, I was working here at my desk, waiting for you. So you can stand down, soldier.”

He narrowed his eyes and searched hers as if looking for signs of deceit. “We’re doing this together,” she said and a thrum of adrenaline went through her at the thought of her first real case.

At least she told herself that was what her excitement stemmed from.

Hot Winter Nights

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