I Love Lucy tales

A deadline is looming over my head and yet the camera on my phone woke me up the other morning, calling my name.

"Psst!" my camera said. "Forgetaboutwork ... I'm more fun."

And damn if my camera wasn't right. It was WAAAAAY more fun to walk along the Truckee River than work. And I only had to climb two fences and pass a DO NOT TRESPASS sign ...

I cut my calf. Never let it be said that I don't suffer for my art. At the time though, mostly I was worried about the scent of my blood drawing bears and coyotes oh my.

Probably I should have been more worried about where I parked, since I got a ticket.

If Alpha Man is reading this, I'm just kiddin'. Of course I wasn't stupid enough to park in the same place I parked last time. And I most definitely wasn't stupid enough to get yet another ticket. Probably.

And if my editor is reading this, this whole blog is a figment of your imagination because I am writing. Writing like a dog. I swear it.

On the two tickets I didn't get ...