Big, fat liar...

I found this old blog post from this date TWELVE years ago. Thought you might enjoy the peek at the kind of mom I am: The other day Oldest wanted me to go on a run with her. She takes this loop through the woods, which is admittedly beautiful, but it’s also straight uphill in spots. Lots of spots. Not wanting to look like a wuss (which while true, is not that flattering) I agreed. Five minutes up the hill and I was toast. “Honey,” I said, trying not to look like I was on my dying breath, which I was. “You go ahead, I’ll catch up."

And this is where those of you with a conscious might want to skip ahead to the end. You see, I know the woods around our house like the back of my hand. Or at least as well as a person who could get lost coming out of a paper bag can know anything. So I stepped off the path and went straight into the woods, cutting across, coming out ahead of my daughter, effectively losing at least a mile of the run. On top of this, I waited in the woods, sitting in the nice cool shade up against a tree chatting with Ashes until the daughter passed by.

Then I stepped back onto the trail behind her. “Whew, you’re really giving me a workout, let’s walk the rest of the way home, okay?”

“Sure, mom. You did great.”

I beamed. "Thanks." And then went home and had some cookies. I know, I'm going straight to hell ...

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