Okay, so I'm swamped and out of control and have NO business blogging today but I need your help. What am I swamped with? A book that isn't writing itself, a renovation project, packing for ALA (American Library Association) -- I'm heading to New Orleans to speak at their national conference this weekend, AND a flare up of SUMMER-ITIS.

Not to mention Rainy Day Friends has hit the shelves!!!

Oh and my back is tweaked.

And don't even get me started on Frat Boy -- who managed to eat an entire package of salami including the plastic. Since he's not dead, I can only assume he has a stomach of iron.

And a severe eating disorder.

But forget about him. I need your help. What, if any, endearments are acceptable in a romance, from the hero to heroine? My two favorite heroes of all time each have very two distinct forms of endearments they use. Janet Evanovich's Ranger calls Steph "babe" and oh my God does it work for him. And JD Robb's Roarke calls Eve his "darling" in that too die for Irish accent. But each of these names are so deeply ingrained in my head as Steph and Eve, they're off limits to me.

[bookaside slug="rainy-day-friends"] [bookaside slug="hot-winter-nights"]

And everything else is sounding cheesy. Or maybe I'm just hungry.

So help. My question is this -- and let's make it twofold for shits and giggles, shall we? Tell me what names your significant others have called you, and then tell me what your fave is. In the real world, and in fiction, or just in general.