Coop The Poop's parentals

So you've all heard a lot of about Coop The Poop, who once upon a time was fostered by Oldest and her The Boy. Coop was tiny and sort of helpless, having been ditched on the streets of San Francisco and left on his own. After fostering something like 75 animals, Oldest (and her The Boy :) fell in love with Coop and adopted him, making him their Forever Fur Baby. I thought maybe after all this time, you might like to see what Coop The Poop's parents look like...

I know. They should be on the cover of one of my books, right? I think so too. But alas, only Coop The Poop made the cut, with my upcoming $1.99 novella THE GOOD LUCK SISTER.

Don't miss it!

The Good Luck Sister

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