How I Monday...

So we got tired of the snow and drove south until we found sun and surf. The first thing I did was stub my toe, probably because I hadn't worn sandals in seven months.

Then Alpha Man, being a boy, went walking instead of sitting on the beach and worshiping the sun, and there was this hungry bird calling to him in the water.

So Alpha Man would dig up a little crab.

And flip it to the hungry bird.

Who then wanted to marry Alpha Man.

And then there was this little girl, a perfect little stranger, who was watching him and then wanted her own little crab to flip to the little bird, only she couldn't catch one. So Alpha Man helped her dig for the little crabs.

In a few days, it'll be time to head back up to our mountain. But I hear it's snowing there . . .

I'm not feeling the snow . . .

Nope. Not one little bit . . . [bookaside slug="the-good-luck-sister"] [bookaside slug="rainy-day-friends"]

The Good Luck Sister

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