Happy Hump Day

So I don't know if you've read my animal series, but if you have, there was one guy I didn't get the chance to write. Kel. He was sheriff and also a rancher. And he was (is?) SEXY AS HELL. Sorry, did I yell that? :) Anyhoo, if you haven't read the Animal series (sexy alpha vet heroes), the first two books are on sale digitally BUT ... You don't have to have worry about poor sexy Kel not getting his story anymore because ... drum roll ... I'm going to bring him over to Heartbreaker Bay. Which means we're going to do Cowboy Does San Francisco! (p.s. this is for all of those people -- and there were a LOT -- who've written me asking/begging/demanding Kel's story).

Anyone interested? [bookaside slug="hot-winter-nights"]