Shalvis Fun Facts

5 Fun Facts about ABOUT THAT KISS: 1. My heroine Kylie is a woodworker (no dirty pun intended ☺) and I had so much fun writing a woman in the trades who worked with her hands (again, no dirty pun intended, although she IS really great with her hands…

2. Vinnie, the rescue mutt in this story is modeled after Oldest’s daughter favorite foster pup. I loved this pup so much I almost adopted him. But in the end, someone more suited got him and I wrote his story instead. ☺ [bookaside slug="about-that-kiss"] 3. So because I couldn’t get sexy badass Joe Malone out of my mind after finishing this book, I wrote the next book in his series with his sister Molly as the heroine, just so I could write more Joe. ☺ (See Slow Winter Nights 9/18)

4. During the writing of this book, I ate five boxes of Lemon Oreos. Five…. I now need a gym pass.

5. I fell so in love with secondary characters Lucas and Molly, they’re story is next. SLOW WINTER NIGHTS comes out this September. ☺

About That Kiss

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