Snow Day

Once in awhile, a day dawns so jaw-droppingly gorgeous that I can't stop looking out the windows.

It's really very distracting.

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In this weekend's case, Mother Nature pelted us with some white stuff. I think the gorgeousness is her way of saying sorry that you had to shovel for a few hours.

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Which is fine. Because I wasn't the one shoveling, Alpha Man was.


I went snow shoeing beneath 300 foot tall towering pines laden with heavy snow ...

Twice they unloaded on me and made my hair frizzy. Bastards. No, I don't have a picture of that. It's too scary. Me and the dogs snowshoed through the yard to the cliff.

Where Frat Boy roused a very unhappy, premenstrual raccoon and then Cali nearly caused an avalanche, so we called it a day and headed home for cookies.

Happy Monday, and don't forget ABOUT THAT KISS hits tomorrow!

About That Kiss

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