More I Love Lucy...

I love the holidays. All the kids are home, and it’s usually snowing outside and warm inside from the baking of cookies – or in my case, the burning of the cookies… [bookaside slug="chasing-christmas-eve"]

A few years ago when this happened, our new fire alarm went off and I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off. We have really high ceilings and there was no way to reach the smoke detector. A neighbor called the police, and a sheriff came to the door. He looked a little rumpled and a lot overworked, but he smiled when he saw the burnt cookies.

“My wife does that a lot,” he said with obvious warmth and love.

It reminded me that one of my favorite couples--sexy, slightly geeky genius Spence and fiesty, sweet Colbie from my book Chasing Christmas Eve -- would be celebrating this holiday too, and chances were that Colbie was doing something to both irritate Spence and yet turn him on at the same time. :)