How to almost kill your cat

So I was on the treadmill — I know, I know, but I have to work off the Lemon Oreos somehow! In any case, I have the music blaring via earbuds and I look down to see Satan– er, Sadie the cat is staring at the treadmill with curiosity. You see, she’s never seen it in motion before, she thought it was a device to hang stuff on. Blinks innocently….

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ANYWAY, Sadie goes to step on the treadmill while I’m really moving (but not, you should note, actually running cuz my body objects vehemently to running). Trying to save the cat, I make a “pssst” sound, the kind you make to scare off a curious feline. But with the earbuds in, I can’t tell how loud I am and apparently I was pretty loud. And since that sound also tells Dobby, aka Dumbass, that it’s playtime, the dog woke up out of a dead sleep and came at the cat.

So I yell at her to stop, taking my attention off the cat for ONE SECOND, during which she takes a leap onto the treadmill with me. She promptly goes FLYING off the back like a rocket and hits the wall. I whirled around, terrified I’ve just killed the cat, and almost die myself. By the time I get the treadmill turned off, the cat and the dog are in a faceoff, growling at each other, certain that whatever just happened was the other one’s fault.

THIS is why I don’t exercise.

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p.s. the cat wasn’t harmed, just furious. The dog lived to tell the tale. I needed cookies to get over it …

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Chasing Christmas Eve OUT EVERYWHERE NOW!!!!

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