A bargain!

How would you feel if you ran into the guy you lost your virginity (and heart) to ... a decade later? This is what happens to Lotti when Sean O'Riley shows up at her B&B. Yes, this is Sean from the Heartbreaker Bay series, and his story, HOLIDAY WISHES, is only $0.99! If you're following my Heartbreaker Bay series, you know about bad boy Sean. If you're not following the series, it's never too late! All the books can stand alone so you can start anywhere, but why not start with one that's only $0.99? :)

It'll be available in print as well but those buy links aren't up quite yet. For now you can get Kindle and other versions like Nook or iBooks as well.

So what do we say, worth preordering for $0.99? Spread the word! :)