Monday Madness

So not too long ago I was using Find My Friends app to stalk my children as I like to do... and it showed Oldest in ... Ontario, Toronto. As in Canada.

Odd, as she's never been to Canada. I texted her and she didn't respond. So with visions of her having been kidnapped (what? I'm a mom, I worry!), I texted The Boy. HE texted right back that yes, he had eyes on my daughter AND her phone and, as he assured me, they were not in Canada, 2,500 miles away but in the city. As in San Francisco.

An hour later I checked Oldest's "dot" on the app. Now it showed she was at a winery in Sonoma.

I again texted Oldest. She answered this time and said nope, she was not at a winery in Sonoma but still in the city and that she would tell me when and if she changed locations.

Fine. But naturally I couldn't help but peeking at the app once more later that night. It showed her at Disneyland. I resisted calling her, you should be very proud of me. But Find My Friends app? You need to lay off the crack pipe, that's all I'm saying.