So I'm packing for this weekend's adventure to Boonsboro, MD, where I'll be signing books with Nora Roberts (for details or to get a signed book mailed to you, hit appearances tab above). Going to be fun. Except ... the packing isn't going well. So far in my suitcase I have pj's, a toothbrush, cookies, and an irritated cat who knows damn well what this suitcase means. I mean really, with those four things, I could go anywhere, right? Maybe I'll make a detour to... A deserted island... except Sadie wouldn't be happy there unless I bring snacks.

Or England to visit some castles... but I might need clothes for that.

Or the Nabisco factory... Yeah. Now THAT'S an idea, right?

How about you, if you could go anywhere right this minute, where would ya go?