Thursday Tidbits

So I'm on my deck writing away today when a bear just walks on by. He came within five feet and never even gave me a second look. Not sure whether I'm insulted or what. I have a pic of my view but not the bear because I fell out of my chair when he strode past and it took me too long to grab up my phone. None of you are surprised at this.

Oh! And GREAT AMAZING news! LOST AND FOUND SISTERS hit the USA Today bestseller list for the THIRD week in a row!!! I mean holy cow! You are all amazing and I'm grateful to have the best readers on the planet. I'm so happy I'm giving away a mug and bag today as seen below. Except not exactly as seen because that pic is sideways and hell if I can fix it...

I'll draw a random commenter. Today's question: If you've read LOST AND FOUND SISTERS, tell me your favorite scene. If you haven't read it yet ... why not? :razz: