Thursday's Tidbit

Three truths and a lie, Jill Shalvis-style. 1. We've got a squirrel living in our garage. We've asked him to move out and he has declined, politely. But yesterday a bear came by for our trash and the squirrel decided to move onto safer pastures.

2. I got pulled over for not having my registration sticker on. I was so sure Alpha Man has put the sticker on, I argued with the cop. I told him that Alpha Man had told me he'd put the sticker on, so the sticker HAD to be on. He said "Lady, I'm going to let you go with a warning, and tell your husband I feel sorry for him."

3. Youngest came home with a box of donuts and told me I could have one, and not the blueberry one. I had three. Including the blueberry one. And then denied it.

4. I put my phone in the refrigerator and tried to plug in the milk.

Which is the lie? Come back tomorrow to find out...