Sneak Peek

Thought I'd give you all an exclusive little sneak peek at my next book, LOST AND FOUND SISTERS:

His expression was strained. “I’m trying like hell to be the good guy here. I need you to go inside and lock the door behind you to keep out of trouble.”

“I thought Wildstone was safe.”

“It is. The trouble isn’t going to come from the unknown. It’s going to come from me. Go, Quinn. Now. And lock your door.”

She stared up at him, mesmerized by the thought of him being trouble, images going through her head of him proving it to her, all of them involving little to no clothing and a bed.

Sigh. I really did love writing this book. It's bigger than my usual books, bigger story, two romances, more pages ... Hope that works for you all. :rose: To make sure you don't miss out, and also to really make this author's day, all the preorder links are here...