Crazy Town

So the other morning I was jerked out of deep sleep by a huge BOOM. I looked around, confused as the boom was followed by a weird rolling sensation. It felt like an earthquake. But ... not quite. Alpha Man had left a half an hour before for his daily swim. I'd gotten out of the early exercise by telling him I was going to go for a hike with the dogs. I totally lied. Unless you count dreaming about a hike...

Anyway, the boom. Youngest hadn't even rolled over. But the dogs ... the dogs were worked up, whining and frenetic to get outside. I shoved my feet into my Sorrels, which are big old winter boots for those of you who don't live in the Arctic. Yes, I made quite a vision in my pj's (tank and bootie shorts) and winter boots. I walked all the way around the house, thinking that what I'd heard was a tree falling and hitting the roof.

No tree.

Confused (not a new state for me), I went back to bed with my laptop to work. I checked the US Geological Survey. No seismic activity, so it hadn't been an earthquake. And that's when the news reports started rolling in. Rumor was that the Sierras had been hit by a meteor shower.

A meteor shower.

Only in Jill's world, right? But no authority or agency stepped forward to confirm or deny. So I'm left with no choice but to decide that it's an alien invasion cover up ...