Tuesday Tidbits

I hit the snooze button one too many times today and I've been mourning the loss of those nine minutes ever since. With nine extra minutes, I could have done something with my hair instead of grabbing an rubber band from the passenger seat of my car and using it to hold my makeshift ponytail. With nine extra minutes I could have made pancakes to go with my microwaveable bacon. With nine extra minutes, I could have managed another paragraph of the current manuscript, and believe me, another paragraph was needed in that hot scene I had going with both my hero and heroine in the shower... At the very least, I could have used a nine minute plotting session. On my couch. With my eyes closed.

Oh well.

Time is a real problem for me.

Or let's say the managing of it is.

I have little to no organizational skills. Seriously. I can't make a shopping list because I'll just forget to bring it with me to the store. I can't keep a single drawer in my kitchen neat, and don't even think about looking in my closet. I forget to put things on the calendar but even if I did, I'd probably forget to look at the thing anyway. People think I'm flighty and flakey but that's not necessarily true. I'm just pathetically organize-challenged.

It is therefore a huge surprise to me every single time I finish a book, something I've done 100 times now if you can believe it. I sure can't.

So I guess my entry today is really a plea ... can you learn organization? Is there a 12-step program I can join? Somebody help me (but the cure has to be a short one, I overslept ()

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