An I Love Lucy (Jill) story...

So I’m home with the dogs working and Cali, the puppy, decides she’s bored. To show just how bored, she sits at my side, puts her face in mine and sighs dramatically. Trust me, it’s effective. And annoying. I finally give up keeping a thought in my head, much less getting it onto paper, and take the dogs outside to throw the ball. Cali, not into fetch so much as steal, takes the ball and climbs up on top of a huge wood stack that in most years is unreachable. But we’ve had what, 15 feet of snow since the first of the year, so she climbs up the snow and plays Queen of the Mountain for a minute. But only a minute. Because now she has a problem. She’s high up and she decides she’s stuck.

So she starts barking.

Now I have two choices. Climb up after her and help her down, or leave her there. If I leave her there, I’d have to call Alpha Man and explain how I lost his beloved but stupid puppy.

So I climb up. And then I see the problem. It’s ice at the top. Ice, ice, baby, and any movement is certain death.

Which leaves us both stuck.

During this realization, Middle calls me and asks what’s up. “Oh nothing," I tell her. "Just certain death.”

“Climb down – CAREFULLY! – and then tell the dogs you’ll give them cookies. They’ll come down too.”

Why didn’t I think of that before I climbed up? Damn. So I roll onto my stomach and take the two year old slide down the snow bank and make it to the bottom covered in snow. But I’m alive! I stand up and tell the dogs “cookies for everyone!” and they race me to the house.

And beat me there…

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