Sneak Peek

Hopefully everyone has their hands on SWEET LITTLE LIES, in which case I wanted to give you a sneak peek of my next one, THE TROUBLE WITH MISTLETOE. Here we have our heroine, Willa, who runs a pet shop and pet day care. Our big, sexy hero Keane is reluctantly babysitting his aunt’s cat, who hates him. Here’s where Petunia first appears and it pretty tells you all you need to know about her. :)

The cat was continuously howling now so Willa quickly unzipped the carrier, expecting the animal inside to be dying giving the level of unhappiness it’d displayed.

The earsplitting caterwauling immediately stopped and a huge Siamese cat blinked vivid blue eyes owlishly up at her. It had a pale, creamy coat with a darker facial mask that matched its black ears, legs, and paws.

“Well aren’t you beautiful,” she said softly and slipped her hands into the box.

The cat immediately allowed herself to be lifted, pressing her face into Willa’s throat for a cuddle.

“Aw,” Willa said gently. “It’s alright now, I’ve got you. You just hated that carrier, didn’t you?”

“What the ever-loving hell,” Keane said, hands on hips now as he glared at the cat. “Are you kidding me?”


He scowled. “My great-aunt’s sick and needs help. She dropped the cat off with me last night.”

Well, damn. That was a pretty nice thing he’d done, taking the cat in for his sick aunt.

“The minute Sally left,” Keane went on, “this thing went gonzo.”

Willa looked down at the cat, who gazed back at her, quiet, serene, positively angelic. “What did she do?”

Keane snorted. “What didn’t she do would be the better question. She hid under my bed and tore up my mattress. Then she helped herself to everything on my counters, knocking stuff to the floor, destroying my laptop and tablet and phone all in one fell swoop. And then she . . .” He trailed off and appeared to chomp on his back teeth.


“Took a dump in my favorite running shoes.”

Willa did her best not to laugh out loud and say “good girl.”

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