A Day In The Life

Not too long ago we had a bonfire and were happily making s'mores when the coyotes came and disturbed the party. They came to the edge of our clearing and started their yipping, and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. They are so freaking BRAZEN this year. Anyway, needless to say, Alpha Man sent us in the house while he went after Frat Boy, who'd gone off after the coyotes, probably to see if they were having a party he could join. No, he didn't get eaten, but he did manage to cut himself open near his hip. He must have gotten caught on a branch or something sharp. The next morning I took him to the CUTEST vet you've ever seen. Goodness. Over six feet tall, blue eyes, a great smile, and best of all? He completely ignored me and got down on his knees to love up on a hurting Frat Boy. Damn. All men should come like that.

ANYWAY. I'm writing a hot guy who loves dogs.


What do you think? Sexy or no?