Sweet Thang

I hike almost every day, and almost every day I see some interesting stuff. Bear, porcupines, wild turkeys, coyotes, deer, rabbits ... but sometimes something stranger than fiction comes along. Like the naked guy on the bike.

Ha. You thought I was kidding AGAIN. Nope. I saw him coming and I scooted off the trail and stared. I couldn't help it, I thought maybe I was hallucinating since I'd given Frat Boy all of my water. But there the old guy was, coming at me. With nothing on but a loin cloth. He waved and smiled and said "Hi Sweet Thang, my name is Jungle Boy" ... And then he was gone, halfway up the trail before I remembered you'd all want proof of this one and got my cell phone out.

So I guess I should say, today's blog is brought to you by Jungle Boy. And a loin cloth.

(What can I tell you, I mean, seriously, you can't even make this stuff up!)