How A Spider Almost Killed Me

So I'm going to Las Vegas next week for the Romantic Times Reader Convention. For anyone who lives close to Vegas, come see me at the Rio Casino and Hotel onApril 16 for a huge author signing at a giant book fair! (for the rest of my appearances and signings go here and check back for new details as I know them!)

ANYWAY, I was trying on my conference clothes and things were a little snugger than I remembered. Sigh. So I decided to exercise. I pulled down a yoga mat and got to work. Two minutes later I was huffing and puffing and flat on my back.

That's when Alpha Man got off the couch. "Don't move," he said. "And close your eyes."

So of course I leapt up and kept my eyes wide open. Which is how I saw the HUGE MASSIVE spider crawling off the mat.

The mat that I had just been on.

Alpha Man caught it and so we don't have to move. But I'm done exercising.

p.s. NOBODY BUT YOU made all the bestseller lists this week! #12 on USA Today. #8 on New York Times ebooks list, #10 on the New York Times print list, #11 on the New York Times print and ebooks combined. #10 at Target. #10 at B&N. So happy and it's all in thanks to YOU!! Love you! Go have a fantastic day on me. :yahoo: