The Donkey Slippers

I had to run to McDonalds. It was a Big Mac emergency. I've been on deadline, which means I was in my pj's still, and my donkey slippers. Yes, they make donkey slippers. Really. Anyway, when I got there, the drive-thru lane was under construction. Which means I had to go in. Dilemma. I looked at myself in the rearview mirror. Scary hair. No makeup. And then there were the slippers . . . I took a vote with my brain and my stomach, how bad did we need that Big Mac? My stomach voted twice, so I ran inside.

My doctor's receptionist was in line in front of me. She eyed my slippers while pretending to study the floor, but didn't say a word. The guy behind me works at the bank. He was pretending not to eye the slippers too.

Then my friend came in, gave me a look over and cracked up. "You are such a writer."

Everyone laughed and suddenly it was okay to look at my slippers. I didn't know how to tell them that I'd have had this embarrassing moment with or without being a writer ... But hey, if it excuses me in some way, I'm all for it.