Ain't Life A Picnic

I started this blog in 2005 and thought it would be fun to repeat one from that first week, which turned out to be my To Do List: Things to Do:

1. Call husband and warn him that his children are on borrowed time. When he left this morning we had three. We will not have three when he gets here if he doesn't get here SOON.

2. Call Social Security and tell them that contrary to their letter dated January 15, 2005, I do exist, and have been paying them for YEARS. Note to self: if I'm not going to exist ask for a full refund in order to take vacation to the Bahamas.

3. Call mother in law back and tell her that yes, our phone does work, thank you for her concern. The reason she has not heard back from me regarding her last rant is because I am on vacation in the Bahamas.

4. Call Sears and tell them that the heavy duty washing machine I bought from them does not remove gum from denim. However, the heavy duty washing machine did a great job on the cat, so thank them for that.

5. Take cat to the vet for minor injuries relating to middle child bathing said cat in said washing machine.

6. Take middle child to pediatrician for cat scratches.

7. Get medication for yourself in case the Bahama thing falls through.

Whew. I need a nap just typing that up. Anything special on YOUR to-do list??