Nobody But You

A sneak peek of NOBODY BUT YOU, coming next month!

Somehow she crawled behind the wheel. She started the boat before suddenly remembering she had to untie it first.

But her lake patrol guy was already on it, handling the ropes like he’d been born to the task, using his foot to push off on the hull so it didn’t scrape against the dock and get damaged. He then tossed the rope into the boat. “You’re good,” he said.

She stared at him. Was he kidding? She wasn’t good. She was a hot mess, and they both knew it. But then again, he’d meant the boat, not her, and she knew that too. Still, she ap- preciated his unsolicited help. “Thanks,” she said.

He nodded. Waited a beat. “Need help finding the throttle?”

This actually made her smile. “You’re a real charmer, you know that?”

“Yep. I’m fresh off the boat from charm school.”

“Where was it, Timbuktu?”

“Close,” he said, offering no further explanation.

Fine. Whatever. Over mysterious men, over men period, she hit the gas. When she glanced in the rearview mirror a minute later, he was still standing there on the dock, hands shoved in his pockets, watching her go.

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