Monday Musings

One of my favorite parts about being published is when I get foreign copies. I've been translated into French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, German, Lithuanian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek ... and many, many more. But my favorite one so far is ... Anime!!!

I can't read a page of it, of course, but it's still pretty darn cool.

Hope you all go off and have a great week. Frat Boy intends to.


He's got snow boots and couches and panties to eat. Yes, panties. I don't want to talk about it ...

Okay, fine, twist my arm! So the pup stole a pair of my panties out of the to-be-folded pile and hid them in his mouth until I took him outside, where he dropped them in my front yard while he took care of his business.

The good news -- there was no cute UPS or Fed Ex man on my porch at the time, PLUS they weren't granny panties, which means it's not an official I Love Lucy story.

Oh! And before you go! Have you picked up your copy of MY KIND OF WONDERFUL yet??

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