Sadie's I Love Lucy story

Update: winners randomly drawn are DAWN A and JV. Email me at with MY KIND OF WONDERFUL in the subject line. Don't forget to tell me print or ebook, and your addy! Original post: This is a Best Of story brought back because I'm missing my beloved Ashes (in the last pic)! Hope you enjoy the repeat as much as I did!

Original post: A cat's tale...

Gee, I'm so bored . . . what kind of trouble can I get into?

Oh, I know . . .

No, that's not enough fun. I think I'll try this . . .

Yeah, I can definitely get my head further . . . oh shit. I'm stuck. HELLO????? I'M STUCK! A LITTLE HELP . . .??


Captain this last picture. A few winners will get MY KIND OF WONDERFUL, my upcoming new book!

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