Did It Again

Was on a snow hike yesterday, music cranked up to earsplitting levels, singing to myself as I went. You see where this is going, right? Now to be fair to me, I was out in the middle of nowhere, with no one in sight, no one around for miles. I knew this because I was making the only tracks ... So I sang.

And sang.

And then something made me turn around. I wish I hadn't. There was a guy behind me. And he wasn't just smiling. No, he was bent over, hands on his knees laughing his ass off.

Yeah. That was embarrassing.

ANYWAY ... what's the last song that you sang to? I'll go first! The song I was wailing to when I got caught: Adele's new one -- Hello. And let's just say she sings it much better than me.

Now you.

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