Tuesday Tidbit

So you all know I have a new book out, right? ALL I WANT... Hot guy, adorable animals. Thought I'd give you a little Making Of. The first time it occurred to me that I was missing the boat by not mixing sexy romance with cute animals was a couple of years ago. I was grocery shopping and trying to figure out what I wanted to write next when I ran into a guy in Army gear in the cookie aisle, along with an emotional support dog.

Be still my heart.

The guy had dark sunglasses on, absolutely no smile, and testosterone was pouring off him. He ultimately choose two packages of granola bars instead of cookies, which nearly killed the fantasy, but I recovered. By the time I’d gotten to my car, I’d concocted a whole back story for him. And just like that, the Animal Magnetism series was born.

Hot guys and dogs, I thought, what could be better?

The research for this was really tough, I tell you. Taking in all the eye candy wherever I went, watching guys and their pets. There’s a special bond between a guy and his dog. Or a guy and his cat (hey, there no judging here). A sacred bond that is really something to watch, and then recreate on the page.

Now here we are at ALL I WANT, book 7 – which by the way, is a complete stand-alone, I promise!!!!!! (yes all those !! are necessary!) – and I’m still at it. This time we’ve got a pilot heroine and a sexy hero who adopts baby kittens. Seriously, what more could you want?

Maybe a giveaway? Well, for those of you who enjoy working for it, here you go. Take a pic of you with my book ALL I WANT, print or digital, post it on Instagram or Facebook and link to me and be in the running. TEN of you will win my next book! Happy Reading and XOXO!