The One Where I'

As always happens when I have a book due and a mountain of other Must Get To things including but not limited to the dog giving me the "walk me or suffer the consequences" look and my own my offspring, I'm SICK. I have a BAD sore throat. A BADDER headache. And the BADDEST 'tude you ever did see, just ask Alpha Man. I blame everyone coughing and sneezing in my vicinity. And I especially blame the adorable little sick heathen at the grocery store who sucked me in with his cute toothless two year grin and then drooled on me.


So. While I'm lying on the couch watching comfort shows like Friends and Charmed on DVDs, I want to hear your comfort show. Or movie. We're not picky here in Jill's World. Share.

And send tissues. And Nyqil.

And cookies. Lots of cookies ...

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