TGIF and a giveaway!

Update: winners, randomly drawn, are: NANCY T, CAROLE P, MICHELLE SMITH, BRANDI BRENNAN, and RONDA SIX GARNETT. Email me with Jill & Helenkay in the subject line, and tell us if you want print or digital (and don't forget your addy!)!! Original post: First of all, when did September get here? How? And why? I want summer back!!!

Second of all, are you looking for books to read this weekend? How about sale books? My friend Helenkay Dimon has two on sale for $1.99! Falling Hard and Mercy, and I've read both and they are some serious YUM.

And also a blast from my past, INSTANT GRATIFICATION is on sale for $2.20. I don't know why, and remember it's an oldie, but thought you might wanna snatch it up.

Now before you go, we're giving away books here today, both of us. I'm drawing five random commenters who will win a book from each of us. All you gotta do is weigh in on the book sale question ... are you a sale shopper or do you stick to your favorite authors?

p.s. winners from yesterday are: MARTINA, CARRIE, and DANEE H. Email me with the title of my next book ALL I WANT in the subject line, print or digital, and don't forget your addy!