It's like he doesn't even know me

Alpha Man was recently roped into a bocci ball league. Don't ask. Anyway, his team is undefeated (shock) and last night they were down a player. Alpha Man: We're putting you in as a sub.

Me: Hysterical laughter.

Alpha Man: Why is that funny?

Me: Because one, we can't play competitively together because you use your coach voice on me and then I want to murder you in your sleep and two, I can't play bocci.

Alpha Man: Sure you can. It's just like bowling.

Me: (gives him a long look)

Alpha Man: (clearly remembering the last time he took me bowling, where I stepped too far onto the lane and fell and broke my wrist...) Okay, you're right.

Me: What?

Alpha Man: You're right!

Me: I heard you. I just wanted to hear you say I'm right again. I'd like that in writing so I can flash it at you as needed.

He might or might not have flashed something else at me, such as his middle finger, signaling I was Numero Uno in his book. :grin: