Monday's I Love Lucy

So the other day I was walking through the house closing up the windows for the hot day ahead. Alpha Man's office window was one of the open ones. I had to crawl up on his desk to get the window shut, which did not make my morning and then it got worse. I shut the door behind me and as I did, the white board behind the door, the one leaning against the wall, fell onto the floor. Blocking the office door from being opened.

Basically I had just locked Alpha Man out of his office. Knowing he had to come home and do some important paperwork, and also knowing he'd been on a roof for eight hours in 100 degree weather, I wasn't looking forward to telling him I'd locked him out.

This is when Oldest's boyfriend came along -- LOVE him -- and said "I've got this". I thought this was sweet but no way was anyone going to "get this". The window is on the second floor, you see, so we couldn't just go outside and crawl in the window.

Only that's exactly what he did. He went around the back, found a ladder, climbed it, then climbed into the window (and across Alpha Man's desk) to pick up the white board blocking the office door. And then he climbed back out, managed to get the screen back in place and get down the ladder without further incident.

And then cementing my love for him, said he wouldn't tell if I didn't...

Two minutes later Alpha Man walked in the door and headed into his office and I took a big sigh of relief. He did do a double take at the big foot print on his desk but didn't say a word. I think he's learned not to ask...