Monday's Tidbits and a Sale!

So for you fellow Supernatural fans, look who I found in New York. Felicia Day! She was signing next to me over the weekend at BookCon. I did my best not to squeal and just up and down, but I failed miserably. She was so sweet and kind and didn't care that I first, made her take this pic, and second, bugged/begged her to tell me Supernatural secrets.


So much fun. I don't want to give any spoilers about her storyline but let's say I begged her for news and she didn't cave.

Oh and before we get to today's giveaway, I just found out that my Wilder series is on sale for $1.99! So that's INSTANT ATTRACTION, INSTANT GRATIFICATION, and INSTANT TEMPTATION.

For $1.99.


Love it when I'm nice and cheap.

So for today's giveaway, tell me which TV show would you totally fangirl if you ran into the stars?