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SECOND CHANCES IN CEDAR RIDGE... JILL SHALVIS launches a brand-neW series by Regina Small:

We have to admit: We’ve been feeling a little down ever since we left Jill Shalvis’ Lucky Harbor. When the curtain fell on the bestselling series last October, we didn’t know where to turn. Lucky for us, saying goodbye to Lucky Harbor didn’t mean bidding farewell to the wildly popular Shalvis. In this month’s Second Chance Summer (Grand Central), Jill takes us to an all-new town with fresh faces, ski slopes and ... junk food? We asked Jill for the skinny on her Cedar Ridge series and the second- chance romance that’s kicking it off.

You’ve started a new series! Now that we’ve left Lucky Harbor (sniffle), give us a peek into the world of Cedar Ridge, Colorado! Jill: We’re starting off at Cedar Ridge Ski Resort, on top of a Colorado mountain, run by a pack of siblings — sexy siblings. Think ski patrol, search and rescue, firefighters!

Our hottie hero, Aidan Kincaid, is a fire-fighter and a search-and-rescue worker — how much do his chosen professions play into who Aidan is? What kind of guy is he? Jill: He’s the kind of guy who would put life and limb on the line to rescue a perfect stranger and yet not realize that maybe it’s him who might need a rescue.

Since this first story in the Cedar Ridge series is called Second Chance Summer, can you tell us a little bit about why Aidan and heroine Lily Danville need a second chance? Jill: Well, they blew their first chance. Quite badly, in fact! Ten years later, things have changed for both of them, and yet one thing has remained the same — their explosive chemistry.

Lily has a bit of a taste for junk food. We don’t blame her — we love Cheetos, too. Is her sweet (and salty) tooth something you share? Jill: Ha! And yes. I do have a thing for food ... and a lot of my heroines do as well. I once had an editor ask me if I had an eating disorder. I swear I don’t! I just love food — all of it.

There’s no shame in loving food, trust us! Do you have a favorite comfort food? Jill: I’m a cookie ‘ho, but I’m not all that picky, to be honest. I’m trying to eat more healthy these days, but my classic fall-off-the-wagon foods are pizza rolls, bagels with more cream cheese than bagel, and baked mac and cheese. Great, now I’m hungry!

Up until an unfortunate accident, Lily was a fairly adventurous person. Will we see her regain some of that fearless spark? Jill: Yes, that’s what I really wanted to do all along. What if you grew up with adventure being your middle name and something changed all that? Could you go back to the way you were? Would you want to? But I can say, Lily does regain more than some of her fearless spark!

You’ve spent around five years writing both the Animal Magnetism and Lucky Harbor books. How difficult — or not — was it to start a new series? Jill: At first: SO HARD. I love Lucky Harbor, love the Animal series. And I never say never; I might go back to either or both. But once I got started on something new, I have to say ... I did fall in love again. Apparently, I’m easy!

What’s next for the residents of Cedar Ridge? Jill: Next up is My Kind of Wonderful in December, about Aidan’s sexy brother Hudson Kincaid, who runs ski patrol on Cedar Ridge. Bailey is one of my very favorite heroines of all time. She’s a cancer survivor and had been given no odds at all. So when she beats those odds, she goes after life the way she’d only seen it happening in her fantasies. Talk about a fearless heroine!

If you could have a second chance at anything, what would it be? Jill: Now that I’m old and wise, you mean? I’d have started writing sooner rather than dreaming about it for so many years. So if you’re out there, wishing you were a writer ... DO IT. ;-)

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