Oh no he didn't!

So last night I fell asleep early, exhausted. I did so with the warning to Alpha Man to wake me only if there was threat of death and/or dismemberment, and to be clear, it had to be MY impending death and/or dismemberment. But he was watching something on TV in bed next to me and I should have known better because he can't listen AND watch TV. He is a man, after all.

I was deeply asleep when I feel him reach for my hand. Eyes still closed I said "NO WAY IN HELL BUDDY!".

But he wasn't being frisky, he was looking at my fingers. Um, what? So I cracked up an eye and I see him looking at the lengths of my fingers and then at his iPad. Seems there's this quiz called "What does your finger lengths say about your personality?"

Apparently he had to know right then what my finger lengths said about my personality. I told him that my finger lengths said I was a homicidal, sleep deprive, raving lunatic.

Which he thought was funny.

By then I was awake and I'll have you know, my finger lengths say I'm a very swell person. Oh and for those of you who took the test, Alpha Man was A and I'm a C. How about you?