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Update: Winner randomly drawn is MONICA SQUIBB! Monica, email me with SECOND CHANCE SUMMER in the subject line and tell me ebook or print, and don't forget your addy! Original post: Been awhile since I did this, shared something rough from the manuscript I'm working on... Remember, ROUGH!

She walked the three miles to work, reminding her that in return she could have dessert with both lunch and dinner as a prize. She shoved her running shoes into her tote and head into the building adjacent to the hospital, where for this week she was temping, running the front office at the special care facility.

The job itself was hard work but she loved the people. Mostly the elderly or the crazy, but the thing was, she fit right in.

A shrink would have a field day with that she was sure.

She waved at Dani, their receptionist, and then at the two accounting clerks in the staff room as she punched in. She moved to the front desk to see that everything was on track and froze as a man came in the front door. Given how the day had gone, she shouldn’t have been surprised to him but she froze.

And hot patrol lake guy strode directly toward her.

She opened her mouth and then closed it, gaping like a fish. What the hell could he want? To sue her for getting seasick and throwing up? For leaving her boat in a spot no one else wanted anyway? Heart pounding, she narrowed her eyes. “Seriously?” she asked. Maybe yelled. “I didn’t do anything wrong! Well, other than park my boat illegally, but throwing up, while unfortunate and bad timing, is not arrest worthy, especially since I didn’t even get it on your shoes! So just get over it already!”

He pulled off his dark sunglasses and met her gaze, his mouth tilted up the barest hint of a wry smile.

She tossed up her hands. “You know what? This is

harassment. Don’t worry, I’m not going to sue you, but you’re going to let me use the dock one more night.”

Without saying a word, he reached for the pen on the sign-in sheet they used for visitors of their patients and … Signed in to see a patient.

Then he set the pen down, quirked a brow at her and walked away. Unable to help herself, she watched his very fine ass as he went.

Dani came up besides her and joined in the ass watching. “You threw up on his shoes?”

“It’s a long story.”

Just a little sneak peek... :razz: Anyway, giving away one copy of my upcoming SECOND CHANCE SUMMER to a random commenter...